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Cuckoo 4.6litres Rice Cooker





Cuckoo 4.6litres Rice Cooker

Innovation technologies:

  • Unique lid design to lock in heat, moisture and flavour throughout
  • Special keep-warm heating element to keep rice warm safely for up to 12 hours without drying
  • Heavy-duty Teflon inner bowl for non-stick cooking, easy serving and quick cleanup
  • One touch cook and hold facility –  Switches to “ hold ” automatically when rice is cooked
  • Rice remains at safe temperature and retains its quality – right through service
  • Bottom and side double heating system


Weight: 10.3kg
Rice capacity: 4.6 litres
Power source: 240 V/50Hz
Power consumption: Cooking 1360 Watts, Keep-warm 166 Watts
Made in Korea
CE approved
6 months warranty




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